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Oh boy, has there been a lot of current backlash of ROTJ for awhile now, even since it's initial release back in '83. Who hasn't heard about the common complaints from this film; "the ewoks are too cutsie and don't work as a story telling element, the dialogue is reminiscent of the prequels, Han Solo's character took a massive step down and again serves no purpose..."
Well, while I can see where most complaints come from and agree with some, I still hold this film near to my heart. It has plenty of good elements to overshadow the negative attributes. The 1st and 3rd acts are some of the best SW material we've gotten so far, from the creative practical effects, character development and some pretty deep and mature emotional drama (not to mention the absolute best space battle in the saga), ROTJ is a good, just not great film.
@Darthrush has taken the film once again back into the editing process, to remove most of the genuine problems me and others share giving us a much more solid film. How does this fare? I'm proud to say that this will take a well deserved spot among my SW collection, with it's smooth and careful crafting that removes many problems such as Han and Lando's all too quick patching things up, much of the childish elements and cheesy moments thankfully gone, out of place humor that undercut some more intense and dramatic sequences, most of the uneeded expositional dialogue, and an overall tighter experience that I believe many can and will enjoy.
I do have a few squanders here and there, but nothing that immediately stands out to distract. Once or twice, I could tell when the audio transitioned from one edit to another such as the cutting out of an exposition scene with Vader and the Emperor, and I did notice when a new source popped on screen from color variation and missing film grain (from Harmy's ROTJ). But those are honestly nitpicks in the grand scheme of things, as this is a much better closing to the beloved SW OT.
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