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I've seen Reservoir Dogs once and it was a while back, but I remember liking it. Watching this edit certainly didn't change my mind - it's a great film. Does it replace the original? Certainly not, but neither is that the intention as far as I'm aware.

Audio editing was fine other than one rough transition I noticed. Song changes didn't bother me and I rather liked the use of "Money".

Visual editing was good for the most part. One cut seemed obvious to me and there were a couple of flash frames. One fade transition was noticeable, but I wasn't sure if it was in the original film. Deleted scenes were obvious due to the change in quality, but they were integrated well. Not sure how much they added to the narrative though.

Narrative worked, but obviously the chronological order makes the twist redundant. This is fine if you've seen the film before, but if you haven't - don't let this be your first experience.

Overall, a nice alternative and one I thoroughly enjoyed. The film looks good and, dare I say it, better in black and white. I couldn't tell where a lot of the cuts were, and the tension created is as good as ever. I watched this with a big Tarantino fan who was familiar with the original and, apart from the "Money" song trade (he hated that), he loved it.

Nice work!

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