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March 3, 2009 @ 12:03 am

Boon’s hand is delicately unseen (again) in his most recent edit “Reflections” a fanedit of 2008′s “Mirrors”.

I thought the original film was a cliched stinker and there isn’t alot of improvement here but thats no fault of the editor. Boon has managed to greatly increase the mystery of what is going on through the removal of many scenes that gave away too much, were unnecessary or were just plain stupid. Trouble is, its hard to care when the Wife is a bitch and the villain is lame… :)

We now have a better version of the film which is more interesting and more suspenseful than the original, but its still not really a “good” movie. Reflections is average horror at best – except for the ending, I really liked the ending.

On the technical side its another great looking fanedit with top notch audio and a nice DVD menu w/ deleted scenes and a fun featurette dissecting the films villain.


Audio/Video – 10/10 looks and sounds great, color correction was a nice touch.

Editing – 10/10 the editor is invisible.

Entertainment – 6/10 while better than the original (which I would rank a 3/10), this is still a weak film and no amount of editing skill will change that. Boon has done some nice turd polishing here and his skill and efforts are to be commended.

8.6 (rounded up to a 9) /10
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