Red Dwarf: Present from the Future

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1988 / 1993
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29 / 28
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Adrift in space, the Starbuggers discover the Gemini 12, a derelict with a powerful secret onboard - a device capable of time travel.
Shortly afterwards, they receive a distress call from themselves, 15 years older.
200 years earlier, the Boys from the Dwarf discover a stasis leak on Deck 12 leading back to the ship as it was before the radiation leak that killed the crew.
Across two time zones, Lister and the posse are going to unravel a mystery 3 million years in the making, and face the consequences of their own actions that they haven't actually done yet but possibly definitely will have going to be taken place in the future.
Simple as that.
While I don't personally subscribe to the theory that the future depicted in Stasis Leak is the same as that of Out of Time, the idea of editing the two together as a parallel storyline appealed to me as they both involve the crew investigating their future selves to find out what will happen to them in the future, albeit for very different reasons.
Other Sources:
Blake's 7 Series B: a model shot of the Federation Space Command Station from the episode 'Trial' is used to represent the Gemini 12, and a matte of Starbug is superimposed
Red Dwarf V: source of the above Starbug shot
Red Dwarf II: a model shot from 'Queeg' is used
Red Dwarf I: isolated music cues (available as a special feature on the DVD release)
Special Thanks:
Special thanks to Moonlight, wilhelm scream and Blue15bomber
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Cuts and Additions:
Stasis Leak
* Opening titles

Tikka to Ride
* The Unreality Minefield sequence

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