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In preparation for my fanedit of Back to Earth, I watched this edit for comparison notes.

The edit started off well, and the Holly introduction was well done, but it went down hill after that. The video quality was alright, the audio editing was well done for the most part (although, there were times when it was out-of-sync), but the biggest problems were with the narrative. The editor cut out scenes that set up jokes, but left in the payoff. For example, they cut out the scene where Lister annoyed Rimmer, which set-up jokes for later. But the scene where Rimmer was annoyed by the hot science officer, was left, meaning the jokes don't work at all, as the scene is the payoff for jokes in a scene that was cut!

Also, the editor left scenes go on for too long and the CGI is awful. I know that fixing CGI was hard, but couldn't the editor just cut it out, or replace it with model shots from series 1-5 (this edit was made before series X).

Overall, a very mixed edit. Don't waste your time on it.

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