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(Updated: November 17, 2013)
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Overall this fanedit is another Last Survivor gem. A classic example of a fanedit remix, turning an action movie franchise into a mini-TV show. The first Movie-to-TV edit I’ve seen!

This is a hefty package, more than 10 hours of total content what with each Episode having a commentary. Brilliant man, brilliant. I listened to the first 2 and enjoyed them for the most part. They got a bit tedious but not unpleasantly. I may or may not ever listen to the rest, if I do I’ll edit my review.

The TV concept was hit and miss at times. I highly enjoyed the TV spots (slight bit more on those later) and the LS Network bumpers. But overall it felt a bit forced. That’s not the greatest way to explain it really. I mean with this type of fanedit you ARE forcing a round peg into a square hole, but I guess some of the edges were a little rough and the peg splintered a little.

The structure of the episodes were the biggest breakdowns in that regard. Was each disc supposed to be like a mini-season? Or like was this a “Summer Event” type of show? I know in the UK it’s common to do short 6 or so episode seasons. I think it could have worked better if each movie was broken up into three 25 minutes episodes. Or do a 40 minute pilot and the rest are 25 minutes. Who knows though if the episodic arcs would have been better that way.

Editing wise… holy hell LS puts a lot of attention to detail. Title sequences had me glued to the screen each time. Majority of the audio editing was seamless. Some edits bugged me but nothing major.

The added Chuck Norris as Delmar Berry scenes felt very unresolved. LS talked about this in the commentaries I listened to and I dig that it was mainly a fan service for himself and other Chuck fans. But it came across to me as a plot thread that was forgotten about. I may just be a moron with ADD and it could be brilliant to you.

I guess overall I’d say that the editor scored big on the finer details but the broad strokes were a little sloppy. If you’re a fan of Rambo and/or Last Survivor odds are you will enjoy this.

P.S. - TV Spots were fantastic, very fresh and full of energy. Oh how I wish we had made more. Highlights were Plan 2001 and Taxi Driver.

A/V quality – 10
Editing – 9 visual, 8 audio
Narrative – 7
Enjoyment – 8

Recommended drink: Sylvestor Stallone

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