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FanMix October 05, 2013 3953
(Updated: November 16, 2013)
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A pure 80's romp of action goodness... in TV format.

This edit definitely captures the essence of the 80's television genre.
I really loved watching all of these in this format, it worked quite well and felt like an old 80's TV show, that I would of watched back when I was growing up..... in the 80's... lol.

Episode 1 & 2, where by far my favorites of this edit though, I loved the addition of Chuck and the MIA scenes. It really added to the episodes. I had wished some of this, (and not necessarily MIA again), in some form would of come back up in later episodes but unfortunately it did not.

You can hear a few places in the audio where the music was inserted but quite frankly its not distracting at all and probably only because I know these movies so well.

Definitely recommended if your a Rambo fan, and/or a fan of the 80's TV action shows.

Also loved the LS logo – and the use of the old 80's HBO theme. Hahaha.. nice touch.

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