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I'd just like to say from the start that although I bought the Rambo boxset sometime ago I've yet to watch them and my memory of the Rambo movies is sketchy at best.

What Lone Survivor has achieved with this episodic series of Rambo is nothing short of genious. Condensing these films to bite size all out 80s action tv episodes seems the best way to rewatch these orginal classics. I watched these with a few friends some of which have been spoilt with modern CG action films and loose interest too quickly when watching original classics like Rambo that started it all but everyone found these very watchable with the right amount of action and cheesy one liners.

The editing is seemless and the attention to detail for each scene used to drive the plot forward seemed floid without leaving you thinking theres been any cuts and the LS Network intro and TV spots really gave it that "recorded on VHS" nostagic goodnes.
The only small thing that was noticed is the heavy use of the flashbacks in the early episodes with Chuck Noris. I think these might of benefited with a little bit more of a hazy blur style dream like filter to those scenes but still done the job well making you believe Noris was Rambos war buddy.

I cant rate each episode individually as each ones as good as the last but if I had to choose the high points for me was the Rambo 2 episodes. The stereo sound in every one is great although I could'nt help but listen in Pro Logic II mode which had really good back speaker action. I'd recommend watching these with contrast and brightness bumped up a bit to give it that washed out 80's TV vibe. Also well worth a listen to is the commentary tracks from Lone Survivor explaining what went into editing each one. He has also made two video diaries which is commented on in the commentary tracks but were not added to the discs extras also I think the episodes were titled which would of made a nice touch in the menu instead of episode 1, episode 2 ect.

Heres the links for Lone Survivors Rambo Video Diaries:

Video Diary #1:
Video Diary #2:

Complete nostalgic 80s cheesy joy from start to finish that leaves you wanting more, Great job Lone Survivour, Looking forward to seeing what other films you can Rad up 80's style and add to the LS Network.

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