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After watching the SW "Filmumentaries" I was sceptical that the same amount of material existed for Raiders to allow this edit to work. Well I was wrong, there is just as much background matrial cleverly mixed in here. If you've not watched one, it's a compilation of interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and text-info cut together with the film itself, following the narrative flow of the story. In short genius.

It works best when the behind-the-camera footage of Steven directing a scene, is seemlessly blended with the in-front-of-camera footage of the same scene. At times it's like watching a live on-the-fly edit of what was happening on set. My highlight was witnessing his intense and exacting direction of the Marion-Drinking-Game scene.

Considering there isn't an official commentary available for Raiders this edit is worth having just for the audio alone.

Long may Jambe Davdar's Filmumentaries continue.

btw I watched the vimeo stream and the quality was good enough for me, considring the age of some of the source materials.

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