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FanMix January 31, 2015 3902
(Updated: February 04, 2015)
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Hard to come up with an opinion on that one, but for what it's worth:

This isn't your typical fanedit with craftsmanship in the visual details and improving upon a movie's weaknesses by careful cuts. It's rather a b/w fanmix that would be well suited in a discotheque or club, projected at one wall while the crowd throws occasional glances.

As TM2YC wrote there's no visual editing beyond loosing the colors. Admittedly, he did some grading so his b/w looks a bit different than just killing the color in your movie player. As such, I find it very hard to make the rating system fit, is "done nothing" a superior "10", catapulting the overall rating amongst the finest edits?

I have to admit that my enjoyment is very limited when watching this a a dedicated movie. I guess if you're a music geek or do a lot of music mixes you have to admire how much work probably went into the selection, but imho that doesn't translate into a necessity to see the whole movie.

The one reason this edit is worth having a look at is to recognize how well Indie prevails facing the test of time, and he doesn't even have to walk invisible paths for this as in later incarnations. At least he's got the video quality right on this one: Unless some completely over-encoded fanedits, 2gb is a reasonable file size for this resolution.

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