Raiders of the Lost Ark (Junior Explorer Edition)

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Indiana Jones embarks on the story you love as presented in a less intense Saturday morning kid friendly way. Same plot, less pew pew, blood splat, face melting and nightmare inducing ghosts.
Significant other asked me to make an Indiana Jones that we could show the little explorers.
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My junior explorer troop and anyone who enjoys this edit
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Editing Details:
The main focus of this edit was to make it into a TV-Y7 level movie. That means bringing down the intensity of the violence, toning down the horror elements at the end of the movie and adjusting a few scenes as to not present Marion so overtly as a sex symbol. This is a niché edit meant for those who don't want to show the movie to their kids in all it's Indy glory quite yet.
Cuts and Additions:
-Trimmed opening act (Forrestal dead body, Indy throwing Satipo the idol, Satipo's death, Barranca's death)
-Trimmed bar fight to remove gun deaths (removed bloody death scenes, cursing)
-Trimmed up Indy trying to find Marion (removed sword man, bloody scenes)
-Cropped scene of Belloq creeping out on Marion while she changes
-Trimmed scenes in the Well of Souls (removed cursing, creepy dead bodies scene)
-Trimmed airplane scene to remove the gore (no propeller, machine gun mow downs)
-Trimmed truck scene (blood splats, running over soldiers, driving off the cliff)
-Trimmed Ark ceremony (nightmare ghosts, face melting/exploding, dead bodies flying)

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