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Review by flyboy707 — January 20, 2010 @ 9:32 pm

I have been waiting (patiently?) for an FE of Indy 4. I was very happy to see one appear today. I have to admit, I don’t think I can add anything else to what the previous two reviewers have already said.

I definitely want to point out that Jorge is an excellent faneditor and I have been very, very happy with previous work. Also, the original version of this movie, for me, is a 5/10 to start with and any edit is going to have a difficult time making it any better.

I would like to highlight a very good point that RockSavage mentions in his review: ” … narrative and for me this is a very important aspect of a successful FanEdit.”. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Just editing out scenes and frames etc do not make a FE watchable. The movie still has to make “sense” – i.e. the plot must always be progressing forward to its conclusion and the remaining scenes/dialogue must make sense. Making great video/audio edits does not mean it is a good FE.

There are several scenes in this FE that absolutely feel like they pick up in the middle and there a few minor areas where the edit is a little “choppy”.

I DEFINITLEY agree that the a-bomb test site scene should have been removed. It is aboslutely pointless – it does nothing to further the plot (well, maybe so we can see the the FBI interrogate Indy so we can get some back story, I guess). Any FE should excise this trollop from the original. I completely understand that any movie requires a bit of suspesion of disbelief, but really? Indy survivng a direct nuclear hit, because he hides inside a 50s lead-lined refrigerator after being hurtled miles away? Really?

I liked the trimmed down warehouse scene, and forgive the couple of “choppy’ parts here. I defnintely liked the minimal “Ox” scenes. “Mac”? Well, Mac is Mac and the story, unfortunately needs him – to a point. Jorge does a fine job of trying to minimalize them both.

Final thought: After watching this FE, I realized that if someone got rid of all the things I don’t like about the original, there really wouldn’t be much of a movie left for me to watch. There are just too many “UGH” and groans in this movie for me.

Again, my hats off to you for doing this FE. The original is what it is and any FE is gong to saddles with that (I think back to the FE of “Temple of Doom” – a 3/10 original and the FE suffers through much the same way this FE does).
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