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Review by white43 — January 20, 2010 @ 5:48 pm


When I noted how much time had been cut from the film, I was a little dubious as to whether a decent storyline could be pulled from this film, but on the whole yes, it does still remain intact, but not without a few issues.

The new start seems to be a device to simply explain the most pointless action sequence in the film – Boom Town. I personally would’ve gotten rid of that whole sequence, it adds nothing to the plot and is simply ridiculous. however, I do appeciate you removing the silly car race.

The Warehouse has been trimmed up nicely and entire other sequences, such as Indy teaching and Jim Broadbent are entirely absent. They aren’t missed.

Mutt is much more likeable and Indy seems to get along with him much easier than before. Ox is trimmed down to the necessary – but now barely has any lines at all. Mac – well Mac doesn’t say much now.

There is some choppy editing in places and at a couple of points, it felt like we’d entered a scene in the middle of a conversation. For example, after Mutt and Indy are captured and Indy is all strapped up – he seems unsurprised to be seeing Ox and speaks to him as if he’s already seen him once. When Mac is explaining about double agent, this too, feels like we’ve entered a middle of a conversation. This also presents a few later problems when people refer back to conversations that seemingly never happened. Notably between Indy and Mutt.

Certainly during the jungle sequence, the kick to the face to Diatchenko felt abrupt and near the end of the sequence, unless I missed something the skull suddenly drops down in Ox’s lap. But I did like lack of Monkeys and Tarzan-Mutt. Oh and good work on getting rid of natives at Orellana’s tomb.

The added effect I assume from 2001 during ‘spell of the skull’ was interesting. I’m on the fence as to whether it’s OTT and beating the audience a bit too hard with ‘do you get it????!!!’

So, to your ending. What I assume is your own V/O and then a picture of Cate from a certain other film trilogy….ehm, no. Sorry, but this didn’t work for me. I couldn’t quite understand the V/O…and am I to assume that Spalko got a happy ending?

So, all in all, this is an improvement on KotCS, but not by a massive amount. Still Boom Town remains and there are some choppy elements. I think having seen the work that ID was doing, whereby he started at Orellana’s tomb and then did a sort of ‘two days earlier’, he got rid of a ton of offensive items….his additions from ‘The Fountain’ made it very interesting. So perhaps that was what I was expecting.

Anyway, thanks Jorge for finally getting an edit of this film out there!

I’m going to give this a 7/10 – with the original getting 5/10.
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