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(Updated: April 03, 2024)
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How does this have no reviews yet? I guess you need all the movies which was asking a lot. If you're a super fan of Cage it should be no problem, but I had to get Between Worlds and Kill Chain for this. I really like Kill Chain's dialogue that you used. It's slick.

This is an absolute fever dream of an edit. Cage on display in some of his wildest and most outrageous films. Great edit for watching with a group of friends.

Nearly seamless cuts throughout, most probably won't even notice the two things I did. Dawn has blended these films together so so well, from one scene to the next. It has great use of stock footage for cut-aways/transitions. And the music choices and transitions using them are fantastic.

* Two notes:

1: When Cage lets his dog go to attack the other dog early in the edit, the transition at the front door is a little strange because his dog runs off to the front door, then all of a sudden Cage is opening the front door while holding the dog's collar. Least concerning.
2: 44:36 - The audio fades out a little quickly for my taste. It's not major but I notice it.

I love how it goes from one outrageous Cage character to the next, but sometimes he's just interacting with beautiful women. Then back to carnage and absurdity. I lost count of how many sex scenes are in this. Cage gets around in this edit. And I love how Cage's name is Joe in Joe and Beautiful Worlds. It makes it even more confusing in a good way, haha.

I would love to know how you decided on the flow of the edit, how it goes from one movie to the next. Why this order? And how long did it take to plan out? Or was it even planned, per se?

Favourite scene: Cage headbutts a guy holding a shotgun and takes him out with ease while screaming erratically. Then he snorts a bunch of cocaine off of some broken glass he grabbed off the floor, like he's Scarface or something. It's wild and it makes me laugh.

I had a great (ADHD mind F) time watching this. I love the creativity of blending all the films together so well. The ending of this edit!

* I will amend my review if the edit gets further updates that address the notes I have.
**This review is up to date after updates to the edit.

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March 26, 2024
Thanks for the review @inightmares

I will look into these concerns and try to fix them.

I haven't watched this edit for years ( I rarely do watch my edits when they're finshed)
I just move along to make another edit.

My plan with this was to only have a very loose story and it's meant to be confusing like a nightmare.
I don't want to spoil it but there's some key elements including fire and family.
And then it has some happy accidents that his name is Joe in two of the films.
And in two films is the word "snowflake" is mentioned so I got to use that.

Thanks again for this first review.
I will try to fix these issues.
1 results - showing 1 - 1