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After the very good Skyfallen edit, I am picking up the other Bond edits and would like to give my impression.

Other than Skyfallen, "Bond’s Revenge" does indeed change the tone of the movie and I'd consider it rather an alternative "FanMix" than a "FanFix" which simply is out to make a better movie with the original intention like done with "Icarus".

Having said this, this edit is a success as it proves what the "Skyfallen" edit expands on: Bond movies need a strong villain to shine. By cutting away the mediocre eco story and making the chase personal, it doesn't matter anymore that the Greene character is just small fry and not very threatening to begin with. I felt with Bond and his drive to go after him.

Necessarily, the movie feels a bit shorter, but as it's consistent the fast paced cuts don't really give the impression of "fanedit", but of determination and energy. Well, the technical quality of the flashback scenes cannot really compete with a major Hollywood production, but what can you expect :-) and it shows that the story matters, never mind cgi or polished editing.

Last not least, I really missed the audio commentary on this one! Maybe you'll go back and add one, saying in retrospect after editing move Bond outings how you feel about Quantum?

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