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(Updated: February 12, 2014)
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i was a fan of solace i thought it was a good entry in the series, i think people give it a bad name because it come out after casino royale.
it had some really good action that Danial Graig put his body threw hell for.
Dominic green had an evil look in his eyes but a geeky look to him.
it had an evil corporation (solace). it was just made in a writers strike.

i really liked this edit.
but i think the intro car chase could have been left in and had the vaspar scenes in the full version of the car chase, and i would not have slowed down the rooftop chase (it was the first time i heard my wife make noises and getting in to a movie as much as me), this is one of my wife's faverate bond movies. i think the remembering vaspar scenes were a little to long in the intro.

now that the bad is out of the way, i will say the good.
the new title song works great its a perfect fit, all the other scenes cut and trimmed and slow downs work excellent.
the editing is topnotch could not tell that they were taken out or cut.
this is a perfect edit of a bond movie people hate and for those people they will love this edit, i will watch this edit most of the time. it is that good.
but me and the wife we love the theatrical cut just as much.

good work lastsurvivor this is another perfect edit from a master editor.
i look forward to your next edit.

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