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Quantum of Solace: Bond’s Revenge
July 07, 2012    
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(none of my comments are meant as a personal attack on the faneditor, these are simply my opinions and feedback)

So I finally watched LastSurvivor’s fanedit: Quantum of Solace: Bond’s Revenge. Let me start off by saying some things about Daniel Craig as Bond and my impressions of the original Quantum of Solace. I first saw Daniel Craig in Layer Cake. When I heard he was casted as the new Bond I was frankly a little disappointed as I felt a perfect candidate for the new Bond was Clive Owen. However, I saw Casino Royale in theaters and really enjoyed. There was the great opening. Lots of good action, and a grittier less refined Bond which was refreshing. Casino Royale was not without its flaws (Faneditor Kerr’s Casino Royale: Straight Flush Edition addressed many of these flaws IMO).

So then I watched Quantum of Solace. Hmmm no gun barrel Bond opening. A parallel action sequence of a horse race in Italy with an interrogation of Mr. White and a chase scene (which i found kind of unneeded, I would have rather that parts with the horse race been taken out all together). The horrible opening credits song. The Bourne style action sequences which were often to fast to follow and left you quite dizzy. This was clearly not a great follow-up to Casino Royale. So i finished the movie feeling that it was ok. Not great, not awful.

Enter Quantum of Solace: Bond’s Revenge. As usual, I did not read the cutlist before watching. But I did read the intention for the edit so had some idea of what i was in for. First off Gun Barrel opening! Yes! If nothing else, this fanedit is worth watching to see the revamped opening scene and the new opening credits song. LastSurvivor picked a great choice of song, the tempo and mood really fits the mold of previous Bond songs. The new opening sequence was good. The flashbacks give a good recap. Although in my opinion, it was a bit long. Other than that I liked the sequence. I think LastSurvivor picked the perfect place to insert the opening credits and song. As I was watching the original i thought to myself as Bond was hanging on the rope and looked up and fired the gun “this would be a great spot to end the intro and start the song and opening credits” LastSurvivor must have read my mind. The climax with the fight scenes with Bond versus Green and Camille versus the General were. Well done. 1) it was nice to see the slo-mo so you could see what was going on 2) the inserts of flashbacks reminded the viewer of the emotional motivations for both Bond and Camille (which was part of LS’s intention with this edit).

There were some interesting choices made with slow motion such as the parachute scene which if IIRC was not slo-mo in the original. The insertion of the brief Vesper flashback, in the scene where Bond is leaving the opera after interrupting the meeting of the Quantum group, was a little out of place. I guess Bond briefly staring down Green and knowing Green had some part in Vesper’s death warranted a flashback but my personal opinion was that it didn’t quite fit. The choice to not directly show Bond dropping the bodyguard off the rough and instead do it in split screen wth M talking to Bond on the phone, that worked quite well. Finally, the cutting out of Bond driving Green out into the dessert and leaving him the cannister and driving away. I definitely didn’t miss this scene, and the little cut necessary to take out M’s allusion to it in her conversation with Bond at the end of the movie was expertly done.

Overall I found this an enjoyable fanedit, in my opinion better than the original, but still I find something lacking in Quantum of Solace even after being fanedited.

Video and Audio quality were great, no jarring cuts, no audio drops outs.

LastSurivor, good work on this edit! You had a plan and clear idea of what you wanted to accomplish and in my opinion you definitely achieved your goal. Congrats!

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