Pulse: Red Tape Remix

Pulse: Red Tape Remix
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This is a re-edit the US remake of “Pulse” to turn it into a better movie than what is was originally and to add a mood of isolation and despair that was not present previously.
This is a re-edit the US remake of “Pulse” to turn it into a better movie than what is was originally and to add a mood of isolation and despair that was not present previously.
Cuts and Additions:
ADDITIONS: Added select “Day” subtitles throughout the film to track the virus’s progress and infection of society
CUT/EDIT: Numerous cuts, trims, and edits to remove redundant dialogue, poorly-executed acting, and stupid character moments
CUT/EDIT: Removed numerous shots of Kirsten Bell’s facial reactions (or “mug shots”) throughout the film
MAJOR CUT: Completely cut the opening sequence of Josh in the Library and being attack by a “ghost”
CUT: Removed the “Rock & Roll” school morning sequence of Mattie and Izzy
ADDITION: Added in deleted scene of Daxter’s introduction into the story
MAJOR CUT: Removed Mattie’s psychic dream/nightmare of Josh, as well as many of her psychic “ghost visions” throughout the film
ADDITION: Added in deleted scene of Daxter buying Josh’s computer from the landlady
CUT/EDIT: Removed many of the character “reaction shots” while they watch the ghost video segments
CUT: Removed Mattie’s psychic “ghost vision” on the bus
CUT: Removed Mattie taking a bath and seeing ghosts in the water
CUT/EDIT: Re-edited Josh’s video diary sequence to remove redundant dialogue and Kirsten Dunst “mug shots”
CUT: Removed the stereotypical “angry Goth Girl” from the Dinner scenes
ADDITION: Added in deleted scene of Mattie and Daxter meeting one of Zeegler’s friends in computer lab
CUT: Removed Izzy’s excessive dialogue about what the ghosts are and what they want
CUT: Removed the sequence of the airplane on fire crashing into the buildings
MAJOR CUT: Completely removed the end sequence of Mattie/Daxter getting attack and escaping from ghosts at night, along with her epilogue voiceover
MAJOR ADDITION/EDIT: Added in the deleted ending of Mattie waking up alone in the truck and finding Daxter has become ash on the side of the road
ADDITION: New music score for the end credits
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July 26, 2010 @ 8:27 pm

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July 20, 2010 @ 1:43 am

The philosophical premise of the original Pulse, a japanese movie by brilliant director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, is nihilism expressed through loneliness. The superficial connections that people sustain with others thru computers are conveyed as brittle and meaningless trivialities that shatter when confronted with the soul crushing isolation that exists on a much deeper level. There are no cheap scares in this movie, as it relies on disturbing, haunting images highlighted by unsettling ghost apparitions. Classic scenes and imagery abound in this masterpiece that kept me awake for days. Comparisons to The Shining come to mind.

The remake is a soulless imitation distilled into a plot in which evil ghosts use the Internet and cell phones to attack the living. It redundantly tries to explain all the unexplained events but In the process overstates the obvious, as if the audience was too stupid to figure it out on its own and needed characters to explain what’s happening onscreen. This is where the remake comes across as ridiculous, at times even crossing into the realm of laughably bad.

What JasonN attempted to do here was to bring the film closer in tone and mood to the original. By taking out a lot of the cliched dialog, horrible acting moments, needless exposition scenes and cheap explanations, he managed to create something that no longer feels like a dumbed down remake. He stripped down the movie to its true themes of isolation and despair and, while never achieving the greatness of the original, at least doesn’t insult our intelligence.

The cuts and transitions were invisible; on the technical side of things this fanedit is flawless. The quality was surprisingly good for an avi. Shame that JasonN opted against the release of a DVD.

But overall, a nice release. Won’t change your life but might entice you to check out the original.

Original movie rating: 4/10
Fanedit entertainment value: 6/10

Bonus point for conceptual and technical excellence results in a final score of 7/10
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