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I would say that the genuine idea for this is pure and so any form of this idea I will support, but this cut is rough.

It does a few things right, battle of Hoth is cool, opening scene is wicked cool, there's other great stuff like Han and Leia in the tunnels. My favorite remix was with Yoda and Luke in Degobah. The music bed change creates more a samurai/jedi feel to it, it really enhances Yoda's journey in relation to Luke.

All that said, I feel like the edit kind of kept getting in the way of a Tarrantino vision. His work is much tighter and dialogue is much snappier and the stories are more intertwined and layered thru the use of time. This cut was pretty much just the movie with some major music changes. I would have liked to see a tighter more destructive edit than this. I feel this cut it far too loyal to original EMPIRE, which I've seen a gazillion times. There were painfully long scenes that could haven been trimmed or re-ordered QT style. It's fun for sure, but there are a lot of missed opportunities.

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