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I don't think I've enjoyed any other Fan Edit as much as this one.

What's so intriguing about this Fan Edit is that you can show it to someone who hasn't seen a Star Wars film and/or doesn't even like sci-fi, and they'll dig this, b/c it's just so much damned fun.

Usually when fan editors go to this extreme in a re-edit of a film, I find the 3-act structure and narrative gets completely lost. Not so this time.

The music cues were top notch -- both in choice and edits -- the montage intro's of the characters were clever and funny and the pulp-like changes (i.e., Yoda speaking) were inspired.

My only criticism is that, with scenes from the first Star Wars and even Jedi utilized in some moments of the film, I had expected an actual ending to the story, as opposed to the "To Be Continued" that the original Empire ends on. That is to say, when you (the editor) show clips of the Sarlacc Pit and seem to foreshadow Han's rescue and other future moments in a variety of montages throughout the movie, that indicates to a viewer who knows the movies that that story is being rolled into this one. As such, when it just sort of ends on a "what next?," it is a little dissatisfying.

But, ultimately, I couldn't possibly recommend this Fan Edit more. Great stuff.

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