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Fan of Stars Wars franchise and the Tarantino style. This film is the best of both worlds. Told the whole Empire Strikes back story in a non linear way while being scored to great music. You can tell njvc took his time on this fanedit. You'll never see the seams in his editing. Choice of soundtrack fitted every scene.

I particularly enjoyed the character introductions in the Kill Bill style. Montage scenes from other Stars Wars episodes were integrated.

However the voice of Yoda replaced by Gordon Liu's in his part as Pai Mei in Kill Bill was off-putting. I dont think njvc is a Cantonese speaker. Yoda was speaking gibberish and the same sound bites from Pai Mei was used over and over again. I'm sure I was suppose to just ignore this and read the subs but I had to take a few points off from the rating for it. Gordon Liu' has dozens of movie out over the decades and there are plenty of lines to choose form but thats impossible if you cant speak the language. I sat through the film with a buddy that did not speak Cantonese, and he seemed to enjoy the scene better.

Overall, it's a must see for fan edit enthusiast and njvc has set a new standard of fanmixes with Pulp Empire.

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