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(Updated: October 01, 2014)
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I have viewed this edit multiple times and have updated my review to provide a more unbiased critique.

I loved this edit simply for it's refreshing idea, originality and uniqueness. My initial viewing was done on Vimeo as individual chapters were released. After viewing the entire edit in one sitting, I would recommend breaking it up into chapters.

During multiple viewings, I found myself becoming bored anytime Luke or Vader weren't on screen. The entire plot of Han and Leia in Cloud City became tedious and repetitive. There's an over reliance on slow motion, Tarantino uses slow motion but this edit has it in a large abundance.

There is also an over reliance on music. The edit is almost filled end to end with musical cues. Much like the slow motion, there is a large abundance present and sometimes the music overpowers the dialogue being spoken. Dialogue is a very important part in Tarantino movies and rarely uses musical cues during those scene and if he does they appear near the end for dramatic effect.

From a narrative aspect, the story is told in a non-linear fashion similar to Tarantino's style. However, during the final act there is a flashback to the Cave of Evil where Luke chops Vader's head off revealing his own head in the helmet, which doesn't make any sense. During the actual scene in the movie that scene was replaced by an animated segment from the original Clone Wars cartoon. So having a flashback to a scene that never took place was confusing.

All that being said, I still thoroughly enjoy this edit. The Luke and Yoda scenes are very enjoyable and are perfectly scored, even the training montage. The Vader introduction is masterly executed and the final fight is a joy to watch. I would recommend it to anyone who likes Tarantino movies, likes Star Wars, or is just looking for something that is fresh and unique. The sound overpowering the dialogue is why I gave the audio editing a 9 and the flashback is why I gave the narrative a 9.



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