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I watched the 720p mkv. Video quality is largely excellent.

Complaints: Some of the slow-mo stutters. The slow-mo during the snow speeder part made the snow blur on the lower part of the screen and I think it occurred a few other times. Too much slow-mo. Too many fades. Movie is not changed as much as I expected. For being Tarantinoized, the middle section of the movie is arguably too linear. I didn't like the Ennio Morricone butchering at the end but it wasn't terrible either. Yoda's buzzing wind sound when talking is somewhat distracting, but I'm sure I only noticed it because somebody else mentioned it first.

Positive: I didn't notice any Williams sound leaking in and I listened with headphones. Maybe it wasn't up loud enough to notice? I liked all of the other songs besides the aforementioned Ennio one. New Yoda voice is great. Character montages are great.

Very Positive: I really liked the new cyclical structure to the movie. The structure parallels the father/son dark path theme that njvc highlighted. Luke's path towards the dark side is not really the focus until Jedi, but njvc successfully made it strong in Empire. While Jedi makes it very dark, njvc makes the son following in the father's footsteps more sad or even nostalgic. I really loved the video slideshow with the Neil Young song because of that nostalgic feeling it made. The brief shot of the empty jedi council chambers at sunset is what did it for me. It makes me think of Vader longing for a time long in the past that he can never return to, and here is his son possibly going down the same path. As an added bonus, you get to see Anakin's decent brooding acting without any of his terrible dialogue or delivery.

Conclusion: Music is great, entertaining, probably not changed as much as people expected. I liked the ending for the way it made me feel which is hard to articulate, and I think that is a very good thing. Recommended.

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