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I was pretty excited to see this fanedit. The preview clips looked great, and it was a daring take on my favorite SW film. Overall, I enjoyed it. There was some great, and some not so great. Could this have been a Tarantino film? No. Was the edit enjoyable? Yes.

I won't reiterate in detail what a lot have said already. Some points are obvious - too much slow motion, music choices didn't always work, and some chapters were worked better than others.

There were moments that I absolutely loved. The multi-panel shots were great. The intro to the final chapter was awesome. I even didn't mind the Neil Young song. It works for this. (but faneditors, please: No more Neil Young in Star Wars. You're killin' me.)

On a tech side, the release was nice. I watched the 720p MKV. There was a weird issue with the aspect ratio being off on my main TV, though when played on a different TV, it displayed fine. There were some weird issues from slow motion, but it wasn't too distracting. The only other editing item I will mention is mix of the music. I really wanted it to be louder for most of the film, but I'm not going to subtract too much for that, because of all the amazing work the editor did sound wise.

Bottom line rating for me is ~7.5 stars. Thanks NJVC :)

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