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So at the end of the day I'm a huge Star Wars fan and my friends would say I'm biased towards anything Tarantino does film wise so to say I was pumped for this edit would be an understatement.

Firstly I think most movie fans would agree Tarantino is a master of music selection and puts great thought into how a song will play with a scene... I'm currently writing a horror movie script and I'm using the same thought process going as far as writing two entire death scenes based primarily around the music so I was very intriqued on how the music would play out throughout Empire... I was very impressed with what music (both Tarantino and Non-Tarantino) that NJVC selected and it played out better than expected... The music played to each scene with perfection... I can't think of a single instant where it didn't play to the scene in question... I also found the Death Proof car driving audio whenever the Falcon was on screen was a nice touch...

I enjoy how the edit was put together with the title cards and jumping back and forth like a typical Tarantino movie... so much more as Dominic mentioned in his review was taken from Tarantino from the slow motion to the split screens... It was a hell of a fun ride to say the least...

I didn't have any real overall audio issues with the exception of the music levels in a few instances but not enough to take you away from the overall enjoyment... The odd orginal score being noticeable didn't take anything away from my viewing enjoyment...

The only thing I didn't much care for although I realiaze why it was there and for what purpose was the animated flashback scene... It just felt out of place IMO...

Overall thoughts

Everything from the music selections to the Yoda voice over worked extremely well... Minor issues with the audio... I dug the editing and how NJVC edited the final product together...

This edit embodies what a fun popcorn fanedit flick should be... leave your opinions at the door and just enjoy the ride cause it's super fun and NJVC should be proud of what he set out to AND accomplished with this edit!

I may or may not have geeked out a bit at the end credits when my name appeared in the special thanks section... lol

Check this out NOW and ENJOY!

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