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I suppose where I'm coming from will surprise no one, but I am a fan of most things Tarantino, and Empire is one of my top 10 (maybe even top 5) favorite movies. Naturally, I was very excited for this edit when I heard about it and wanted to see this one for myself! I'm happy to say that, despite my high expectations, I was quite impressed!

This edit pretty much is the epitome of "give 'em what they want." I wanted a Tarantino-esque version of Empire Strikes Back, and I got it. I could throw in my own complaints, but they're of the super nit-picky variety. Like maybe that stylistic choice was overused, or I wish njvc used a different song for that moment, or the narration on that part was weird, etc. None of my criticisms hold any merit to the edit as a whole.

Like everyone else has already said, this is a fun watch! Of course, most Tarantino films are fun to begin with, so I consider it as a compliment that this edit manages to capture the feel of a Tarantino film. I find that the emotion of an edit is often one of the more underlooked aspects of fan editing, so I always appreciate it when a fanedit gets the feel just right!

If you saw this ifdb page and it immediately sparked your interest, then by all means, go seek it out! You won't be sorry.

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