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Overview - Van Zant famously made a shot for shot of the Hitchcock classic. Mr Soderbergh rendered the 1998 remake into black n white, then interweaved it and the 1960 together.

Video - 640 X 348p AVC. The source material for the 1960 varied in quality, but it was certainly low resolution. The editing was fine. A few scenes had splashes of color, which added were nice surprise elements. The 1960 print had a softer look than the 1998, yet the contrast difference was not such as to be jarring.

Audio - 112 kbps AAC. 2 Channel stereo. No subs. Despite the low bitrate, the sound is clear throughout. The editor has applied the Herrmann score to layer transitions and multiple image sequences. Smart move and good work.

Narrative - A few of the jumps from Perkins to Vaughn are peculiar in that the actors portray Norman Bates a bit differently. Perkins is coiled nervous energy, Vaughn more like an immature eight year old.
The editor does not provide a cut list, but time has been trimmed. There were also scenes from each movie that weren’t in the other. That benefits the narrative, I think.

Enjoyment - I have certainly tasked faneditor Soderbergh in previous reviews. Here, he has a clever concept and he executes it well. I really didn’t enjoy this so much as I appreciated it. In all likelihood, I shan’t watch this again. If I want to see “Psycho,” the 1960 original is the one for me.

At 430 MB, this is one of Soderbergh’s smaller files. Be aware that, while available, all of this faneditor’s reworkings require a bit of tinkering to transfer to your drive.

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