Psycho: The Roger Ebert Cut v2

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A single deadly cut
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A fresh attempt to implement Roger Ebert's suggestion for the climax of Psycho by cutting down five minutes of anticlimactic psychiatric exposition that would already be obvious to modern viewers. A new, more seamless edit than the one apparently used by Stomachworm in their original version of this edit.
I couldn't locate Stomachworm's edit from several years ago so I decided to make my own version. (Plus, from the description in the review of the Stomachworm edit, there was a fade transition used which bypassed more than just the psychiatrist's monologue, so I wanted to hew closer to Ebert's suggestion.)
Special Thanks:
Thanks to DigModification for help above-and-beyond.
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Editing Details:
Changes Cut from the survivors' reaction after the line "maybe for all time" directly to the psychiatrist lighting a cigarette and a police officer entering the room to ask if he can give Norman Bates a blanket, bypassing the several minutes of talk about split personalities that was, according to scholarship on the film, used to allay censors' concerns and contemporary audiences' confusion about psychatric disorders.
DigModification's tips on the proper use of "room noise" and the correct beat for a reaction shot made the edit much smoother than my initial attempt.
Cuts and Additions:
Five minutes of (more or less) monologue removed.

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