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This was a wonderful Fan Edit. I liked the extended intro with Weyland. I have always enjoyed that intro and still scratch my head as to why it was removed for the Theatrical release. It was nice to see Beezo liked it also. The changing spacescape was nice too. I'm a sucker for pretty things in HD tho. The removal of most of the secondary character development was great and really allowed the viewer to concentrate on the primary story with out a bunch of pointless distraction.

One of my biggest peeves of Fan Editing is character introduction. When extra content is introduced it inevitably leads to character introductions being pushed farther back into movie run time. I hate late character introduction so much. It really pulls me out of the moment. Explanation, sometimes characters can be introduced so late that they feel more like a plot device than a character. I can't really blame Beezo for this to much as the Theatrical release of Prometheus introduced the entire crew of Prometheus late into the movie also.

The most impressive part of Beezo's edit was the focus on Weyland. Bringing his story more to the front really brought home how egocentric this S.O.B really was. Beezo made a connection for me that I really failed to see in the Theatrical cut. I really had a, "oh wow." moment watching this edit.

Beezo you did a fantastic job in creating a Fan Edit that is thought provoking on a level that the Theatrical cut was not. This is a Edit I will be viewing again in the future.

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July 13, 2015
Sorry for being late with this, but I wanted to thank you for your kind review!
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