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I'll have to re-watch the Prometheus Unbound edit to see if it's still a more favorable edit than this as I originally pegged Unbound as the near perfect edit, but narrative-wise this feels like a close call.

This edit has a ton of re-working done to [mostly] seamlessly remove not only the larger issues, but nearly all of even the small things without affecting the original narrative. While I'm not happy that the TED talk made it in here as well (I seriously don't get why people think it belongs), everything beyond that is pretty smooth. There are some minor issues with audio editing where it clips in, as well as some of the 3rd act editing can get a bit choppy but nothing that stands out too much. Ultimately, the narrative here is smooth and I'm glad it didn't include any of the Earth/excavation scenes, and the Fifield departing from the crew bit - actually the whole Fifield subplot - worked very well.

Outside of the narrative, my only issues are with audio and video editing and [take this with a grain of salt] the video quality of the 1080p release that I happened to watch. It was very blocky, blurry, and just looked like it was encoded with a low bitrate even though the bitrate is 11mbps. Maybe it's just my source. I don't remember where I got it from to be honest, but if the version I watched is an official release, it looks upscaled. Regardless, it's a great edit and potentially in the run for best edit out there... I recommend this and Prometheus Unbound. Both are great edits.

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