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(Updated: March 12, 2015)
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This review is not aimed to offend, just to give my honest opinion. Agent 9's fanedit is the highest rated Prometheus edit so my expectations were high, even higher after watching the very long but otherwise excellent Giftbearer fan edit. The amount of work put into this edit is evident, I commend the creator for their efforts, however...

My enjoyment was completely ruined by the misuse of tracks to influence the viewer's emotion or convey character intentions in some scenes, incorrect audio levels during scenes with dialog, looping snippets of tracks from tracks intended for other scenes, bizarre audio effects added/manipulated to the existing score and lastly shoehorned tracks from the other Alien movies that do not fit the tone of the film nor the film's score that was left intact. It's a great idea, but it was poorly executed, key scenes were spoiled. Scenes intended to unravel before the audience are given away by new score elements that remove the suspense and reveal the plot surprises, these scenes should have been left untouched.These problems occur throughout the movie from title screen all the way till the end credits roll.

It's very unfortunate considering how much effort went to this. It would have benifited from critical review prior it's official release. The audio aspect of this project would have benefited from the collaboration of someone with strong audio editing experience.

Other than the above I have no complaints with the visual editing, there are certain scenes I would have prefered to see but I won't criticize the creator's choice considering what they had to work with and their choice how to tell the story. The movie's narrative is much more cohesive, there are lots of small edits that make a lot of difference.

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