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I really didn't care that much about Prometheus so I needed a fanedit to see it fixed.
I just thought "missed opportunity" and moved on.
Then I saw all these posts from new members asking rules-violating questions and that made me think that this must be really something if it attracted this much attention from people not familiar with the world of fanediting. So I had to see it.

The new opening is so much better and it is now more about the mission and less about Shaw's faith, something I felt was handled in such a cliché way. Not showing the dig at the beginning makes Shaw and Holloway look less like hard core fanatics that just travel to the other side of the universe because "they believe"

That religious "because that is what I choose to believe" dream sequence is now gone.
I think you should have cut more of the religious aspect out "we need a true believer aboard" etc.

I always thought that the briefing scene felt stupid; This scientific expedition cost around a trillion dollars and the people hired don't know what the mission is about before takeoff? It is only when they arrive at their destination that they are finally briefed (btw, taking off the helmet bullshit was the biggest failure in this movie imo. and that is not something that can be fixed with a a fanedit) maybe I'm nitpicking, let's move on.

With the two guys left behind it now doesn't feel like "...and while everyone else was off f***ing each other--"

The added scenes with Vickers and the Captain was nice (although when you cut back to Shaw and David it felt awkward) the conclusions that the Captain comes to later on and what he tells Shaw doesn't feel like taken from thin air anymore. Like the filmmakers needed a scene that
explains this and that to the audience and they just came up with something. This feels more natural.

Agent 9 saved this film as much as saving could be done. It's now more connected with the Alien franchise and I believe that is a good thing. The story is now more fleshed out and feel more whole.

If I could change one thing in this fanedit I would change the fight scene between Shaw and the engineer back to the original version. The idea that she would even stand a chance against this creature is really stretching my disbelief to the breaking point. It is so Hollywood, the final girl taking on the big monster. She wouldn't have stand a chance. And the OC was better in this regard.

This is the work of a true faneditor. The deleted scenes had unfinished effects which Agent 9 finished, he color corrected them, they had 2.0 audio so he remixed a new 5.1 track for them. The edit is in HD and there is even a 3d version. This could have been a dvd5 with all the deleted scenes being 2.0 with nothing done to the unfinished effects in them but this really is the Special Edition. Somewhere Ridley Scott probably gets a phone call from the studio saying that there is no need for a director's cut anymore...

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