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Prometheus – Special Edition
May 25, 2013    
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There's not much more I can say that hasn't already been said. It's a solid edit that greatly improves upon the theatrical release. Characters behave less silly, the mystery preserved, and a tighter thriller simply through reorganization.

I did knock a point off the visual editing since there was a brief moment when the Adobe Media Offline image popped up. It was only 12 frames or so, but something that should have been caught prior to final build. There may also have been a couple black frames between scenes, but I watched the BR converted to MP4 on my TiVo so it's possible something in the conversion and/or transcode caused those. In my albeit quick scan of the MP4 on my computer I couldn't spot those, so I'm going to go with a transcode problem. I'll update if I encounter the problem on a closer inspection of the file. That said, I don't feel right knocking points off until I can confirm it wasn't something on my end.

In the end this is a very good edit, one that you should consider watching. It definitely improves Prometheus and makes it a much more enjoyable film.

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Thx very much..... the video issues you experienced where from a corrupt video file during compression... the old compression was deleted and I have since uploaded new files.

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