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This edit is nothing short of a triumph! It takes a deeply flawed film which polarised it's fan base and repairs and realigns some very dodgy plot holes and character motivations to make a much more coherent and more less maddening experience. Yes, the film still has it's problems, but Agent9 has created the best available version of Prometheus, one which I believe even Ridley Scott would enjoy.

Before I get into some of the editing choices here, let me first discuss the presentation. Simply put, this is the most professional and polished fan edit I've ever seen. From the a/v quality, the execution of the changes to the movie and the BD menus, this is gold standard work.

The colour timing of the the deleted scenes, for the most part, is indistinguishable from the finished film. And the new 5.1 mix created especially for those scenes is stellar work.

Moving on to the editing choices, most of which improve the film considerably and do away with nearly all of the annoying sloppy writing plot holes and idiocies. An odd side effect of that is that Agent9 has thrown a light on a couple of things that I never considered before. Take Holloway's wiggly eye worm. He makes much more sense in this edit with the reinsertion of some of his scenes so I caught myself wondering why would a trained scientist on an alien world ignore such a thing? When he trips and stumbles later he tries to brush it off then almost immediately he's shitting himself asking if there is something wrong with him. I couldn't help think how all of that would make more sense if the eye worm scene was gone and he didn't know there was something wrong with him until he asks Shaw what she sees.

Another thing I wondered about is why Weyland is no longer a "ghost" in the hologram. It neither hurts nor fixes anything for me so I was wondering why the editor made that choice. Maybe that is a point that other fans have problems with and Agent9 has taken their wishes into consideration.

Also I wondered why Elizabeth was lying on her back saying she can't go on, only to have the deus ex machina of David speaking to her from his detached head. Because this edit improves so many things I thought about that moment for the first time. I would have cut her bleating and started with David speaking to her.

The biggest question I have about the editing choices is the beginning TED scene... although it is nice on it's own and it gives us more of a sense of who Weyland is and why they put Guy in makeup, I still think most of that speech has little baring on the film or even spoils some of it. I loved David quoting Lawrence of Arabia but now he's just mimicking Weyland. I really think the point to cut out of that and go to titles is after he says "What have we done with it?"

And one final thing, why is Shaw not dead from drug and alcohol abuse? LOL! She sticks that morphine thing in herself so many times then goes straight for the Vodka (which incidentialy has the UK alcohol unit pink stamp on it that they use today).

This is an incredible piece of work. The end scene with Shaw and the Engineer is very exciting and edge of the seat stuff. The wire removals, added sound and colour timing here are a perfect storm of Fanediting prowess.

If anyone is a fan of Prometheus or is interested in Fanedits, PROMETHEUS - THE SPECIAL EDITION is for you!

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