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I really dug this version of the movie. A lot of the idiotic plot holes in the original theatrical cut were thankfully corrected here, and most of the extended scenes that really never should have been cut (since in cutting some of them it makes the character's actions/dialogue not make much sense in the theatrical version) being restored was great. The editing and re-ordering of sequences was incredibly seamless and well done. Video quality overall was excellent.

That said, I had a couple of issues with this edit that held back more scores in some categories.

The first, and this was big one for me, was the lack of a surround track really hurt this edit. Prometheus has one of the best sounding audio tracks available on the market today, and hearing it compressed (both in number of channels and bitrate) into a stereo track hurt.

I enjoyed the use of some musical selections from the previous Alien films, but what I didn't like was the rather sloppily overlayed alien shrieking and hissing sound effects lifted from Aliens and inserted over top of the scene with the Fifield monster and the Deacon at the end. Those scenes already had their own sound effects, and overlaying it just came off really awkward.

I missed the opening with the Engineer. I liked the Weyland speech, but I would've liked to see both the extended opening (with the Elder Engineers) and the speech following directly after.

I wish the deleted scene with the subtitles for the Engineer had been used. It bugs me that you don't really know what he says in the original version and this cut since David doesn't translate it all (and if I remember correctly from the subtitled version he doesn't even translate accurately, though I believe that has something to do with his own agenda).

All that aside, this is still an excellent fanedit and in many ways is superior to the theatrical cut. Definitely recommended!!

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