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Prometheus - Agent 9 edit

I enjoyed the theatrical release of this film. Critics or fanboys who complained, I shrugged at.
What did they expect? Scott has always been a loose director, permitting plot gaps and unanswered questions. I have no doubt that in ten years, Prometheus will be regarded as a Sci Fi classic.
What Agent 9 preformed was an outstanding overhaul.
He threw the yoke of structure onto the film and straightened the narrative. Taut, focused.
Everything he added, I enjoyed. Everything tossed ... well ... (SPOILER) ... I missed the opening Engineer sequence. Mainly because it was so visually arresting. To be honest, however, while cool looking it seemed disconnected from what followed. More parable than plot point. I warmed to the Weyland speech.
Other trims were fine, especially the two button heads who, as screened, seemed little more than comic Jar Jars.
I cannot stress how amazing the visual work was. Demo clinic time.
Sorry, quibbles.
The audio was two channel stereo. Visuals were spectacular, but the audio was two channel stereo. I mean, really?
The mp4 version was one long chapter. Like Prince’s “Lovesexy” or Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. One chapter. Please, more breaks next time.
Anyway, this is one helluva an edit, and I look forward to A9 repairing Prometheus 2.

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