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I watched the blu-ray version of Prometheus S.E. last night and I must say I am mighty impressed, first of all the video quality on the blu-ray is close to the retail version I have, enhanced with better quality deleted scenes. The audio is also faultless and with 'Alien' soundbites this is an improvement in my opinion. All the incorporated new scenes are seemless and do add to the story, and the beginning and title sequence improves the start without a doubt. As noted elsewhere, the TED Conference scene is the perfect begining for the film, showing a young Weyland, which begs the question - why was it not in the original cut?
The color corrected scenes match great, and the wire removal in the extended final battle is professionally done, as is the new green screen removal scene. The cuts Agent9 has made are unnoticable and improve the story in my opinion.
All in all this edit will be the one I will reach for in the future, I rate this fanedit a resounding success at 10 out of 10!
I for one will be anticipating future Agent9 fanedits.

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