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I have to say that this is the best fan edit I've seen and I've seen a lot. Adywan's SW:R is something entirely different as he fixed the shoddy effect work of the special edition and the original movie, but Agent9's work on PROMETHEUS plays with the existing footage and creates a much more satisfying experience, in my opinion.

All the re-integrated footage works brilliantly and his choice of edits improve the characterisations and motivations. It's impossible to entirely fix the shoddy writing in the movie but I believe this is the best that we'll ever get - a fixed version of Ridley Scott's return to the Alien universe.

Speaking of Alien, Agent9 really makes his edit feel like it belongs more in the Alien canon. His sound editing is superb and every choice he made enhances the film.

I missed the original beginning but after a while I realised that this particular edit doesn't need it and it was right to drop it. I would personally cut the TED speech right down as it meanders and doesn't really help the movie. I would have cut to the titles when Weyland explains about Prometheus stealing fire from the Gods. "What have we done with it?" That would set up the tone of the movie perfectly and would justify cutting the original opening. It also hints that we haven't done anything to be proud of which could be the motivation behind the Engineers decision to exterminate us.

The new title sequence works brilliant and the 3D is very good, although I would have reversed it so that the title "PROMETHEUS" was 'out front' and the credits were behind it. Unfortunately, my BD player won't allow me to fast forward to reverse the disc so I can't check but if there isn't a date at the TED conference, there should be as the date is established later in the movie when Prometheus arrives at LV223.

On a purely technical note, I was hoping to replace my 3D Prometheus disc with Agent9's edit and keep them all together in the steelbook I have, but unfortunately a couple of technical issues will prevent me from doing so. There is no menu with the disc, which I can live with, but it's a pain not being able to fast forward or rewind. I won't blame Agent9 for this as it could be an issue with my BD player. However, the bitrate is lower than my original movie and the 3D is... different. It's a little hard to put my finger on but I believe the subtle instances where objects are in front of the screen are no longer in front. You definitely get 3D depth going back but nothing coming forward in the original unaltered footage. The silica storm is a good place to compare versions. Also the oratory. I remember an orbit coming slightly out of the screen but this doesn't happen in this version. It's a very small matter, as I said, but I was hoping to replace my original theatrical release with Agent9's edit as I believe his is the more solid movie.

The re-instated Fifield monster works brilliantly and you do get the feeling that you are looking at an early xenomorpth although the colour timing isn't as successful as elsewhere. It looks a little too much in the magenta area to my eyes. I could be wrong. And for everyone who hated the rolling space ship, just watch how Agent9 fixes it. Miraculous.

To summarise, this is an absolutely astounding fan edit. Not only does it fix problems with the story but it also links the film more firmly to it's predecessors. Brilliant, brilliant work.

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