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First, I must say that I really like the theatrical cut of Prometheus.
Now, on this fanedit:

It was really good, all the new and altered scenes are a great addition to this movie.
Especialy the new prologue with the TED conference, more character developpement on Vicker and the captain, and the extended combat against the engineer.
The work on this is really amazing, all those new effects are awesome!

Now, I got some nickpicking to do. First is the original prologue with the engineer that was totaly cut. I think it's a very important scene to explain more proprieties of the black goo, but I agree the the TED conference is a better prologue.

I also have some issues with some deleted stuffs:
Weyland not being "dead" (what does it change?),
Vicker and the captain sexual relationship (It even made more sense with all this new character developpement),
and most of the mentions of Shaw's father.
Those were not necessary , but I don't understand why they were cut.
The scenes about her father are not very important, but I think that most of David's obsession/curiosity about Shaw got cut right along and those were a part of his character.

All the Millburn/Fifield scenes that got removed was done masterfully. In this version they are not fleeing back to the ship and got lost, they are just exploring another area and got left behind. Great editing on this.
The editing was also amazing when the ship crashed and Vicker and Shaw ran away from the debris.

In conclusion, a powerful edit that hold strong in a standalone watch. But as a adaptation of Ridley Scott's work, it lost some of it's meaning like the proprieties of the black goo and the character of David. Which may make this edit inconsistent with an eventual sequel.
It was so close to become my definitive version of Prometheus, but I'll be sure to watch the other fanedits of Agent9 who got me very impressed.
PS: (I just wish I had a bluray burner to fully enjoy this edit)

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