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I was one of those people that absolutely despised Prometheus. This version, however, is much more palatable and mysterious, and overall I found I enjoyed it much more.

The new opening using the TED talk is absolutely genius and really ties everything together, along with Shaw's message to Weyland. Not seeing the Engineer until much later really helps in us caring about the characters and their mission. The alternate version of Fifield's attack on the ship was much more effective and ties it in better with the Alien series. The editing is seamless across the board and very well done.

There are still a few things that probably could've been cut. Though moving the Scotland scene and the Engineer on Earth scene works much better than the original cut, I really believe both of those scenes could've been cut entirely. The pacing could've been improved by removing them. There's also a shot of Shaw getting thrown against a wall where she clearly has a wire attached to her, as well as a shot with a few green screen monitors before the effects were added. I assume this is from the deleted scenes, so I can't blame you for not adding the effects, but I personally would've preferred not having these shots at all as they were quite noticeable.

This is probably the best version you'll get of this movie. It's still not perfect and at times rather infuriating, but it is a huge improvement. Kudos to the editor on a job well done!

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