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This is the first fanedit I've ever watched, and I absolutely loved it! Prometheus is a movie that I've watched often, and although I was quite disappointed during my initial viewings, I've always enjoyed it a little more with each viewing. I think this is partly due to my desire to like the film and partly due to overlooking/expecting the odd/sometimes wacky things that happen in the original film. I feel like this edit is superior to the original in every way, and I thank Severian for putting in the effort to make this!

While I felt detached from the characters in the original movie, this edit made me really feel connected to the characters. I especially liked the Shaw clip in the beginning because it made her quest seem more personal and the tech interface was also kinda creepy in the way it analyzed her facial movements. I also liked moving the cave scene because it had a more emotional impact (reminding us that the innocent-not sure if this is the right word but can't think of a better one at the moment-exploration for truth led to some really horrible consequences).

My two (extremely minor) gripes are: (1) the clip of Shaw saying "what I choose to believe" felt a little rushed. I liked switching the lines but something about the transition from when she gets asked what engineers "engineered" and her answer felt too fast. It would have been nice if the picture stayed on Shaw's face a bit before she said "what I choose to believe" but there may not have been enough picture for that. (2) the placement of the engineer scene after the flashback to the cave was a bit jarring, like it seemed out of place, but I can't really think of a better place for it. And the echoing words "we come from them" was a very nice touch.

Again, thanks a bunch for the great edit!

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