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This is the 5th and best fan edit of any movie I've seen. When Prometheus came out I was looking forward to it but was terribly let down especially as I had missed in in the theatres and figuring I'd like it I bought the blu-ray. The pacing and editing are what I seem to remember putting me off the most. I barely remember watching it and it sits at the bottom of the back of my blu-rays.

Well along comes this edit. What a difference! I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end with just a couple of unavoidable cringe-worthy moments still there. This is the best edited I've seen yet as well - particularly the audio. Seamless. There was a moment in the visual editing that didn't work as great as everything else but I don't even remember the particulars on it anymore.

This is how the movie should have been released to theaters. This is one I'll watch again and again and I am looking forward to seeing more of Severian's work. Excellent!

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