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So I couldn't stand Prometheus,
I hated how they apparently had a very simple story but then covered their tracks, cut out information and acted as if it was much more than was actually in the screenplay (sadly reminding me of Lost all over again).

What Giftbearer does is making things more clear - and less dumb.
I can't say I now like Prometheus now as a movie and while it is a much improved version I still wouldn't have been excited seeing this in cinemas.
The storyline is a very simple one and coming from Lost I tend to eyeroll whenever Lindelof adds stuff to make it seem as if there is more going on in this story.
BUT this version is much more honest about its intention.
While I still hate the entire idea of the angry engineer because Weyland thought of himself as a god at least it now is in the movie and clearly is the message of the film. The movie no longer pretends to be ambitious. it is a clear story about human greed and aliens being angry at us because of it.

There was one awkward use of the flashback to the engineer after Rapace's husband was killed but aside from that most of the rearranging worked just fine.

I still hate the complete disregard for biology (DNA 100% match) and some over the top characters but mostly this edition fixes many problems and presents Prometheus as the straightforward simple story that it was.

Congrats to the editor for a fantastic editing job and superb quality!

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