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Most everything I have to say has already been said, and probably better than I could put it, but here goes anyways!

I enjoyed Prometheus when it came out. It wasn't quite what I was expecting or what the trailers had promised, but I felt that it was better for it. It's easily one of my favorite movies, and when I saw that Severian had added some of the viral clips to the film, I was ecstatic, as adding Weyland's TED speech as the opening was something that I had in mind for doing a Prometheus edit. I think the inclusion of Shaw's video might have been a bit much, but hey, I enjoyed it anyways.

The placement of the Dune and Scott Free logos felt a bit odd, but I've seen other films that have their logos in the middle of the opening, too! There was really only one edit that I thought could have been executed better: in the briefing scene, I think that Shaw's line could have been edited to "I believe they engineered us." Maybe Severian tried that and it didn't work out, and that's okay!

The integration of deleted footage was great. There were a few times I didn't even notice that new footage had been added, and the times I did, I was glad that it was. The dream sequence was a tad...odd, but incredibly well edited. Like others, I didn't even realize some stuff was cut until I read the list again.

Great job, Severian! If a Blu-ray version of this becomes available, you can bet I will be downloading it.

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