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Wow! I just finished watching Severian's debut fanedit and am absolutely blown away by the result of his work! I enjoyed the original theatrical release for it's sumptuous aesthetics and foreboding sense of mystery but ultimately left the theater feeling unsatisfied by the open-ended narrative and lack of character development. Giftbearer resolves my qualms about the original by delivering a better paced storyline, a clearcut arc to the plot, and a vastly improved presentation of the motivations behind the actions taken by the various characters. Severian has managed to artfully piece together a nearly perfect blend of theatrical and deleted materials to create a film that simply makes more sense and left me feeling satisfied.

The excellent quality of the editing in general cannot be overstated. The visuals are practically flawless. The sound mixing was also superb except for a single scene where the volume drops pretty low for a few seconds. This happens to be during the one sequence that I didn't think worked as well as the editor intended. Dr. Shaw's dream after her lover's death struck me as being out of place. I could accept the inclusion of the couple's conclusive discovery of the artifacts that led the team to the alien planet. However, the scene showing the creation of life on earth from the DNA lent by the death of the Engineer definitely seemed out of place at this point in the story. I didn't even know this scene was intended to be part of Shaw's hallucinations until I read the editor's notes after I'd finished watching the movie. Fortunately, this scene in NO WAY detracts from the overall impression left by the film!

I believe Prometheus: Giftbearer is a perfect example of what makes fanedit's so very fascinating and fun to watch. Thank you, Severian! I look forward to your next project!!

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