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First, thanks Severian. I'm glad I have this version of Prometheus to watch now.

I'm one of those people who really liked the theatrical Prometheus. But I knew it wasn't perfect. And I knew that an edit, especially one that added deleted scenes, could be something great. This is that. Is it the best possible Prometheus? I don't know. My gut says it's not, but who knows.

I love the added scenes. I've had the movie for a number of months now, but I made a conscious decision to hold off on the scenes until I saw them in a fan edit. I think they all work here. Everything that people are saying these scenes add - they do. I especially love the final scene with Shaw and David. Great line in there.

Editing's good, nothing too noticeable. Some minor annoying stuff was taken out, and I think that's good. Putting the TED Talk at the start was, I think, a good idea, but it definitely gave the movie a different vibe. This is a more straightforward science fiction film I think. And that's okay. But the movie, as a whole, is a lot less mysterious. This is a byproduct of practically every single change. And that's okay. This is a different beast. This fact has actually made me appreciate the original more. The mystery of the original is one of the things I loved about it, and now I'm finally understanding why the film was cut the way it was. Putting the engineer scene at the start of the original was one biggest ways that it solidified it's mysterious tone. Interestingly, the engineer scene here seems to almost answer questions, instead of raise them. Due to its placement, we know what the engineer is, what Shaw thinks it did, and now the scene is almost an endorsement of Shaw's belief that the engineers created the humans. By actually seeing what she's, possibly, imagining, we have no choice but to assume that we're seeing the truth. Thinking on it more this placement is rather brilliant. Whilst imagining this engineer conceiving the human race, Shaw is pregnant, with what could be the beginning of a new race.

Anyway, yeah, I love this edit. I love this new version of Prometheus. And I love the old version of Prometheus. I love the additions (I just wish you could have included "David 8"). I like the cuts. Great work, great edit.

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