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Prometheus: Giftbearer
February 08, 2013    
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To get things started I'd like to say, Severian has done a really good job improving Prometheus with his first fanedit.

It is impressive how he achieved a more cohesive narrative for one of the most high profile and yet frustrating SciFi movies in recent memory, by shuffling just a few scenes and incorporating extended bits and pieces throughout this is turned into a truly memorable entry in the Alien mythos. By removing plain stupid behavior on the characters and adding key pieces of dialogue and information this does feel like the experience I wanted all along.
My favorite change is a truly satisfying interaction between Weyland and the surviving Engineer (my biggest gripe with the theatrical release).

The Video HD editing mastery displayed is commendable, there isn't a single noticeable editing error from what I could tell, and the quality of the encoding is likewise spot on.
I eagerly look forward to a burnable release.

Audio is likewise handled with great care and skill, all the integrated scenes and bits of dialogue are perfectly woven, I couldn't notice any jarring transitions while watching using my Onkyo amplifier.

Having said that, sadly I have to deduct points from A/V quality due to the currently available release only offering a 2.0 track, I am aware that 7/10 might seem somewhat harsh but it might motivate a future release supporting at least 5.1 DD for a perfect score.

Narrative and Enjoyment - as stated before the experience is greatly enriched, the original was a 7/10 when now I can easily give it a 9/10; there are still some details that make little to no sense but they are far fewer this time around.

Congratulations indeed.

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