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This is a great fanedit, made all the greater with the knowledge that this is Severian's first submission.

I have been quietly waiting for a bold Prometheus edit to come along. The original is visually stunning, but I still left the theater disgusted. The original narrative is a complete mess. It would be one thing if some things were just left a mystery. That I am totally ok with and usually even prefer, but the truth is that Ridley Scott did have a specific agenda with specific answers in mind. In interviews he has made certain specific claims about why the engineers turned on humanity but I won't go into that here. The bottom line is that I think this story works a lot better with more mystery surrounding the motives of the engineers. All we need to know as an audience is that this was a weapons testing facility, an accident occurred and all except (presumably the captain) died, and that the engineers were working on weapons that might potentially be used against Earth. This edit much more effectively conveys all that.

Simultaneously there needs to be less mystery surrounding the motives of the actual characters we are following. This edit succeeds with some details in this department. Unfortunately I still don't buy into the motive of why the android would so casually infect one of the crew's top scientists with an unknown substance in such an uncontrolled way or why everyone reacts so casually to the c-section events that follow.

Lastly, the scientists need to come across as less stupid than the original. The edit succeeds here as well.

I can't really think of a way to resolve my remaining problems with the story, and so I am grateful to have this fanedit. I daresay it makes Prometheus actually watchable for me. It is a better, more philosophical treatment of the film, and I can now suspend my disbelief for the most part.

Kudos! I watched the 720p mp4 version. Detected no major video or audio issues other than technical decisions made by the editor to do a 2.0 audio track and not release as a DVD or BD with a full-featured menu.

I would put my overall enjoyment of the original at a 4 or 5, whereas this was probably a 7 or 8.
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