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This edit is a perfect example of why i love fanedits so much. Severian's take on Prometheus is the film I wished we had seen in cinemas. The film is dramatically improved thanks to the inclusion of the excellent deleted/extended material, but there are many other editing choices that also enhance the experience.

The characters are better fleshed out, the pacing is stronger, the most offensive and idiotic moments have been either removed or fixed (only two moments come to mind where the seams were visible, but nothing too major), and the film feels more assured as a result.

A couple of the newly included scenes contain slightly unfinished effects shots, but in comparison to the original scenes, those included in this edit are superior.

The film still retains a good level of mystery, but now feels more satisfying and complete. There are few fewer loose ends, and the encounter with the Engineer is much better handled than in the original.

Highly recommended. This will be a fanedit I show to many people to try and get them interested in our particular craft.

Congrats Severian, and thanks for making this. Looking forward to the Bluray release whenever you get around to it!
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