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TV-to-Movie July 07, 2012 4512
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Prison Break Season 1 cut down into three films by Boon.

A/V: There were a number of rough A/V cuts throughout, which I can forgive to an extent as this is an older edit. A/V Quality was good considering the release date.

In regards to the story, perhaps a few additional scenes should've been cut, a bit of melodrama, unecessary setup, most of Tancredi's scenes, police discussions. However, the majority of what was kept was the best of the show, so no major complaints here. Pace was quite good, but not too high - no cramming of plotpoints. I would say however that Maricruz's brief introduction should've been kept, as we see the cousin but not her, and she's important to Sucre's story. Also, minor plothole: Lincoln shows up out of nowhere at the end.

Overall, it's great watching Prison Break without most of the filler, the conspiracy subplot, and Lincoln's kid. Definitely superior to the original. Thanks to Boon for making this, this'll be my Prison Break go to from now on, I look forward to the next two parts.
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